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Best Lawn Maintenance Practices for Brick Pavers

Brick pavers have many benefits including a high level of durability, they are environmentally friendly and are easily moveable. These qualities of the brick pavers makes it easy to repair them. Brick pavers are very beautiful and they come in different styles making you lawn look beautiful and presentable. While brick pavers are long-lasting, they also need to be repaired now and then. Some of the activities involved in the maintenance of brick pavers include weeding around the bricks and cleaning their surface. Regardless of what you do to maintain you brick pavers, it is important to leave the paver looking neat and beautiful.

To ensure that your brick pavers remain in the best condition, annual maintenance is very crucial. Before you begin any maintenance exercise, it is important to inspect the brick pavers. This is to determine any movement of the paver which is usually an indication that the bricks around that area need to be repaired. It is important to do all their pairs in accordance with the paver manufacturer’s specifications. On many occasions, you will be required to repair the brick pavers if they crack, sink or become loose. The first step is to inspect the foundation to determine if it was done properly.

You need first to remove the bricks so as to establish the problem. If the problem is a cracked brick, all you need to do is get a new brick to replace the cracked one which does not need the expertise of a contractor. For loose or sinking bricks, you have to get to the root of the problem first before beginning the repairs. The problem with loose or sinking bricks could be caused by an installation problem or faulty foundations respectively. For most repair work, it is advisable to have a contract help you since you could easily damage the rest of the bricks if you do not do it properly.
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Don’t forget to clean your brick paver thoroughly every now and then because it helps keep the pavement in good condition. To ensure that all the plants and dirt stuck between the bricks is completely removed, it is advisable to use pressure cleaning. Another maintenance activity that is important for the brick pavers is sealing of the pavers. Sealing ensures that the brick pavers last longer since it reduces the interaction of the bricks with the natural environment. Harsh weather conditions can cause the brick pavers to lose their color which is why it is important to use a coat sealant which is very efficient in ensuring that the bricks are always protected. Most people use the sealant during the extreme weather seasons like the summer which is extremely hot and during the winters when it is very cold.A Quick Overlook of Experts – Your Cheatsheet