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A Guide for Choosing the Best Cocktail Bar

Regardless of where you are in the world, you will encounter numerous cocktail bars but not all of them may be ideal. If you want to better screen the cocktail bar where you’ll be spending a good part of the night in, we highly recommend the tips below.


Cocktail bars that source their ingredients from local suppliers tend to rotate their menu according to the season or the ingredients available at the moment. Expect the cocktail drinks from these bars to be a bit experimental in presentation and flavor; these are perfect for those seeking a brand new drinking experience. Cocktail bars that greatly boasts that freshness of their ingredients will likely also focus on the design of their drinks. Even if you don’t mind the presentation of cocktail drinks at all, you’ll still enjoy an incredibly fresh cocktail drink.
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Location of the Cocktail Bar
The Key Elements of Great Cocktails

An incredibly obvious is simple tip is to take into account the exact location of the cocktail bar from your home or the hotel you’re staying in. If you don’t really feel the cocktail bars closest to you, there’s nothing wrong with going out a few miles for an extraordinary drink. Aside from a faster travelling time, there are safety benefits to choosing a closer cocktail bar; family and friends can quickly drive to the cocktail bar in case you need anything. The maximum distance that we’re comfortable with will vary from one person to the next, so go with your gut feeling towards that location that you’re most comfortable in.

Menu Choices

Planning for a party of event can be incredibly fun, until you realise just how different people’s tastes can be; finding a menu for everyone can be an absolute nightmare. Beforehand, it’s a great idea to really look into the food options and overall menu of cocktail bars.

Price Range

Saying ‘affordable’ and ‘cocktails’ in one sentence may sound like a ridiculous mission. Even all those high end cocktail bars vary in terms of price range. If affordability is a feature that you want to focus on for the party, then steer clear from any of the top-end cocktail bars.

The Skill in Mixology

Much like everyone else, when you first hear of mixology, it’s fair for you to assume that it’s just another word for ‘making cocktails.’ But what you may not know is that mixology is considered are a separate form of art that focuses in elevating simple cocktail drinks to true masterpieces. Mixology combines innovative techniques with amazing ingredients in creating their masterpieces that customers and clients wholeheartedly enjoy.