Doing An Auto Scratch Repair Job

When someone discovers they have gained a scratch in their vehicle’s paint job, they will most likely want to take the necessary steps in having it removed in its entirety. Most people will take their vehicle to an auto body repair shop to get the job done, however, a smaller scratch can be fixed with materials purchased online or via an auto supply shop. Here are some instructions to follow when doing an auto scratch repair job.

Clean The Affected Area

It is important to clean the area where the scratch is located before adding paint to the vehicle. This will ensure all debris has been removed so it does not make it more difficult for paint to adhere properly. Rinse the vehicle with a garden hose to remove loose debris. Afterward wipe down the vehicle with a piece of microfiber cloth. Inspect the vehicle to see if any additional scratches are noticed as they can be repaired during the same session.

Add The Paint

Auto body paint will need to be purchased to add to the scratched area. This can be found at an auto parts store or via an online scratch repair kit. The paint should be brushed over the crack evenly and slightly over the edges of the existing paint around the scratched portion. It will need to dry overnight before adding another layer of paint. Several layers should be added, allowing time for drying in between each one.

Smooth The Area

Sandpaper should be used over the painted area to remove any bumps from the area. A medium-grit sandpaper should be used first, followed by a fine-grit sandpaper. This will smooth the area to the touch. After the paint is sanded, it should be buffed using a paint polishing agent.

When there is a need to do an auto scratch repair job, finding the materials needed to do the job properly is a must. Instead of purchasing the paint, sandpaper, and polishing agent from different areas, it may be best to try a scratch repair kit instead. This will have all the items needed in one handy location to make the vehicle look like new once again.